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Resource Guides

Anxiety Resource Guide- coming soon

Being Gifted Resource Guide-  coming soon

ADD/ADHD Resource Guide- coming soon

Specific Learning Difficulties (incl. dyspraxia/dyslexia/CAPD)- coming soon

Executive functioning Resource Guide- coming soon

Resilience and Emotional Growth  Resource Guide- coming soon

All matters discussed with a psychologist  are confidential.  All information, including assessment results and reports, will remain confidential and you as the parent will decide how and with whom it is shared.

  Because I get asked for practical tips all the time, I have put together some resource guides for helping your child at home.  These can be used as stand-alone guides or in tandem with counselling appointments.  Whilst the guides are not a replacement for the therapeutic relationship and counselling, they do include lots of the tools, resources, books and practical tips and hints that I have gathered in the last 16 years working with kids, parents and schools.

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