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“My child is finding it hard to concentrate at school.”

“My child is having learning difficulties.”

“My child complains of being bored in class and is not paying attention.”

“The teacher told me that my child is struggling with reading.”

“Is my child gifted?”

Assessment helps us understand

  - Difficulty coping with school demands.
  - School readiness. 
  - Learning difficulties. 
  - Developmental delays. 
  - Self-confidence issues. 
  - Perfectionism
  - Depression/ Anxiety issues. 
  - Sleep issues. 
  - Frustration and procrastination. ​

  - Academic and ability (IQ).
  - School anxiety and test anxiety. 
  - reading and reading comprehension issues. 
  - Executive functioning. 
  - Impulsivity and distractability. 
  - Visuospatial processing. 
  - Attention and concentration. 
  - Gifted and Talented. 
  - Dyslexia and dyspraxia
  - General classroom behavioural concerns.

Every child is unique, please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns.

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