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What is Working Memory?

Working memory refers to the ability to hold and manipulate information in your mind for short periods of time.  It works like a 'mental notepad' to help us store information to carry out tasks.

If your child has trouble with working memory, they may be easily distracted, struggle to remember instructions and have difficulty starting, prioritising and finishing tasks They will have difficulty in everyday life but particularly in school.  They are likely to confound their parents and teachers because they are often bright, but struggle with reading comprehension and maths due to their inability to hold in their mind sufficient information to allow them to complete tasks. Working memory difficulties are sometimes found in populations with ADHD and learning disabilities (including dyslexia).

It is estimated about 10-15% of school-aged children have working memory problems.

Working memory plays a crucial role in academic success.  A recent study in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology* investigated the power of working memory and IQ in learning in typically developing children over a six-year period.  Good working memory was more important than IQ for all aspects of learning.  Working memory at the start of formal education is a more powerful predictor of subsequent academic success than IQ in the early years.   *Alloway, T.P>, R.G. (2010). Investigating the predictive roles of working memory and IQ in academic attainment Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.

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What is Cogmed Working Memory Training?

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based computer intervention. Children do their training at home on a PC, laptop, IPad or tablet, with intensive support from a Cogmed professional.  It is a rigorous program designed to improve working memory through intensive and systematic training. Based on strong scientific research, the Cogmed program has been validated by highly respected research in controlled scientific studies. No other attention-training products can match the research case behind Cogmed.

The program includes:

                                   * Initial screening interview

                                   * Start-up session

                                   * 5 weeks of training with weekly coach calls

                                   * Wrap-up meeting with training report

                                   * Six-month follow-up interview

                                   * Access to the Cogmed training program online

                                   * Optional extension training (12 months)


How will Cogmed Working Memory Training help?

Research has shown the average child achieves approximately 30% improvement in working memory, which leads to improved:







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