“My child is finding it hard to concentrate at school.”

“My child is having learning difficulties.”

“My child complains of being bored in class and is not paying attention.”

“The teacher told me that my child is struggling with reading.”

“Is my child gifted?”

Assessment helps us understand  
Difficulty coping with school demands.
School readiness. 
Learning difficulties. 
Developmental delays. 
Self-confidence issues. 
Depression/ Anxiety issues. 
Sleep issues. 
Frustration and procrastination. 
Academic and ability (IQ).
School anxiety and test anxiety. 
reading and reading comprehension issues. 
Executive functioning. 
Impulsivity and distractability. 
Visuospatial processing. 
Attention and concentration. 
Gifted and Talented. 
Dyslexia and dyspraxia
General classroom behavioural concerns.

Every child is unique, please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns.

Coming Soon…  


Many clients are looking for a bit extra to help their child, some may want a few counselling sessions, but many just need guidance for what to do at home.  The problem is, we are so bombarded with parenting advice that we as parents are lost and overwhelmed.  Becasue I get asked for practical tips all the time, I have put together some resource guides for elping your child at home.  These cn be used as stand-alone guides or in tandem with cousnelling appointments.  whilst the guides are not a replacement for the therapuetic relationship and counselling, they do include lots of the tools, resources, books and practical tips and hints that I have gathered in the last 16 years working with kids, parents and schools.

Anxiety Resource Guide- coming soon

Being Gifted Resource Guide-  coming soon

ADD/ADHD Resource Guide- coming soon

Specific Learning Difficulties (incl. dyspraxia/dyslexia/CAPD)- coming soon

Executive functioning Resource Guide- coming soon

Resilience and Emotional Growth  Resource Guide- coming soon

All matters discussed with a psychologist  are confidential.  All information, including assessment results and reports, will remain confidential and you as the parent will decide how and with whom it is shared.